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OSI INTELLIGENCE Israel-USA is a Think Tank, an Analysis and Thought Group, dedicated to the formation, diffusion and defense of the values ​​of the Judeo-Christian Culture in the West.

OSI INTELLIGENCE is an analysis group belonging to the OSI FOUNDATION (Occidental Studies Institute) in the United States.

The Western World – the Occidental World-, is heading towards a fundamental crisis of its principals: its identity and social values are threatened, its Welfare system is unbalanced, and problems of immigration, populism, systemic gaps, contradictory policies and failures of community integration are destabilising all western societies.

OSI Occidental Studies Institute seeks to explore the nature of what it is to be part of the countries that conform our Occidental World: Europe, America, Australia, New Zeland, Israel, Russia and former Soviet countries, living in an Occidental State and in an Occidental Society in the current global context; we are trying to find out who the Occidental citizens are, where are we going, what our common roots are and, above all else we seek to identify how we can successfully confront the real challenges that we are facing in the world today.

OSI Intelligence a Counter-Intelligence Think-Tank, appears as an arm of OSI Foundation to help to our society and culture to build solide bridges of understanding between civilizations, avoiding the clashes of civilization finding the balance between protecting our own way of living and understanding the World and the concept of Society but also understanding and implementing tools to use between civilizations and cultures with opposite values to accept our differences as complementarities and to understand the path to a peaceful convivence between them.

OSI INTELLIGENCE as an analysis and thought group of the OSI Foundation, works in defense of Israel and Western culture responds to the challenges arising from the increase and specialization of physical and logical security needs in both developed and emerging economies, specializing in movements Islamic terrorists.

Our scope of action is Global and for the provision of services we have a headquarters in Nashua, NH 03060, New Hamphsire in the United States.

OSI INTELLIGENCE is formed by diverse professionals who collaborate from different countries, in the five continents in the defense of the western culture. It aims to explore the values ​​of the Western mentality as a concept of integration in itself, as an idea of ​​universalism based on common principles and as a model of real integration and tolerance.

With this, OSI INTELLIGENCE must first of all, as one of its main objectives, strongly promote the Culture of Security in European Society, for which it perceives as its own the issues related to its security, its freedom and the defense of its interests.

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